Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pregnancy Post 2

So I apologize for all the doom and gloom on yesterdays post! LOL But hey I am just trying to be honest and real here!

So after my bum issues were not on the for front any longer. I was still sick, vomiting at least 10 times a day still. But I have to say that even though I was sicker than a dog and had "fun visitors" during pregnancy. I loved it too! Just knowing that I had a part in creating a human life and that my body was sustaining that life is such an amazing miracle to me! I loved feeling Charlie move, have hick ups, kick, and just squirm around. He was really active. He loved corn dogs, Sonic breakfast burritos, astro pop Popsicles and he LOVED peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! LOL he gave me the WORST GAS and BURPS ever!!!I wanted to cry at the drop of a hat or rip your head off if you looked at me sideways. I had never had heart burn until I was pregnant, I can not believe that people live with heartburn every day!!! How do you do it! Thankfully I have not had it since the day Charlie popped out! Even though I had a rough go of pregnancy while I was in the mist of it and swore it off forever!!!!! LOL I really did love the little quiet moments you have, just watching your belly move, talking to him, just sitting in awe and wonder of what my body was doing all on its own, it knew how to grow a child. This is a woman's divine purpose, to be able to bear children, and if I never get to have that chance again, I am so so thankful for the time I was given to experience bringing a child into this world. It is the most amazing privileges I have ever been given. I can not believe that Heavenly Father trusted me so much with one of his children to bring Charlie in to this world and to his rightful parents. I will forever be grateful!!!

So I did have some other complications in my pregnancy. I normally have great blood pressure but in about 25 weeks I developed Hypertension. It was not bad at first just something to be watched. Then I started having what I describe as "pole pains", it felt like someone was shoving a pole through my chest, I would get short of breath and would have really bad bouts where I would just have to be completely still and quiet until the pain passed. I thought is was Charlies feet in my ribs at first, but it was happening more and more when he was not even near my ribs. I took my nasty glucose test and everything there looked great. My Dr. could not figure out the chest pains though....Until one day it hit her.....Gallstones. Yep, fortunately it just takes an ultrasound to diagnose and being pregnant you can have those, as we all know. So I went in and there they were 7 little friends, hanging out in my gallbladder, I wanted to name them but thought it might be weird! LOL Just kidding!! My Dr. after seeing the results said that I have most likely had those stones for a few years but with all of the throwing up I had been doing over the last 7 months, it had stirred them up and it was time to be removed. Yet another surgery that would have to wait until after I gave birth. Really??? LOL


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