Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pregnacy is NO picnic!!!

So here I am it was about April (gotten pregnant in February) when I had chosen Mark and Kate as my adoptive parents. They were so so supportive, came to my Dr. appointments with me. I had been SICKER than a dog from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I was throwing up about 12-14 times a day, no joke. I couldn't go anywhere with out getting sick. I was miserable. I remember just sitting in the bathroom at the toilet, crying, "I am NEVER doing this again!!!!" We tried anti-nausea medicines and I would just throw those up to. It was BAD!! But there were parts I loved too! Feeling him move, hick-up and kick me in the ribs. LOL Oh and I forgot to tell you my little sister was also pregnant with her first at this time. She was due. October 5th and I was due November 2nd. We also had the same OB/GYN we kept her busy that year! LOL

In May, we got to go in for the sex sonogram. We all had bets what the baby was going to be, I thought it was going to be a boy from the start....and BOY was I right! Mark and Kate were sooo excited. They already had baby names chosen so we had a little Charlie Mark baking! As my pregnancy continued I never got over morning sickness! I just kept throwing up. I was not so fun!!

(This paragraph is not for those who get grossed out easily) I got hemorrhoids.......Have you ever had hemorrhoids??? They are NOT fun. I have never had one but I was so constipated that I would not go to the bathroom but once a week and when I did it would take me about an hour in the bathroom to get take care of business! Then one day my body had just had enough. I just remember that it was HUGE and hurt soooo sooooo sooooooooo bad. Burned, ached, and I couldn't sit down. I called my Dr. and she gave me some over the counter remedies and told me to call her back in 2 days if that was not helping. Two days agonizingly went by with no relief and I called her back. She called me in some suppositories to the phamacy. I have never used one before, and I have to do WHAT??? I went into the bathroom and sat down to read the instructions how to insert it and just started bawling, I asked Heavenly Father "Is this my punishment for getting pregnant out of wed lock??? I don't want to do this anymore, I change my mind. Just please make it all go away." That was one of the lowest points in my pregnancy, sitting on the toilet trying to insert a suppository! It sounds so dumb now! LOL Oh wait, it gets better! Much better!!! Can you handle more!??!! LOL

So there I was on the toilet, trying to insert this thing, and I NO JOKE for the life of me can not find where it is supposed to be inserted. You are most likely reading this going, "What, is she dumb?" but all I felt was these 3 big "bubbles" on my bum, one much bigger than to other 2. So I go out of the bathroom and ask my little sister if she could help me........I know right, can you help me find my bum??? She is soo soo sweet and helped me. I owe her my life. I found out that day how deep a sisters love is! LOL She look at them and said, "Karen, I think you should go to the Dr. those are out of control." Now, my mom is a nurse but was out of town at the time of all of this, so she didn't get a chance to see them. I called the Dr. and described them to her as my little sister had and she made me an appointment for the next morning. I went in to see my Dr. the next morning and she took one look at my bum and exclaimed, "Karen, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had no idea they were this bad! How are you functioning?" I told her that I have never experienced a hemorrhoids before so I didn't know they were that bad. She said, "Oh, honey I am going to have to lance them and you are going to hate me. You actually need a hemorrhoidectomy but we cant put you under anesthesia while pregnant, so here I am going to put some lido-cane on them, to numb them up a little. I will be back to lance them in about 15 min." My thought, Lance?? What does that mean?? Well, 15 minutes rolled around real quick and I was about to find out!! It means cut them open with a scalpel to relive the pressure and let them drain.......Ummmmm NOT fun, I thought I was going to climb up the wall!!!! It hurt so bad! Then I had to continue with suppositories 3 times a day and take 3 warm salt baths a day and soak for at least an hour in each bath. Needless to say I could no longer work....LOL

So that laid me up for a good month, getting over those. I was still continually sick and throwing up as well. By this time in my pregnancy I had lost about 50 pounds from being so sick. (Don't worry, I had that much weight I could afford to lose.)

Pregnancy fun will continue in the next post! Thanks soooo much for reading and I thank all of you for the comments! This is already healing for me!

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  1. I developed the dreaded hounds from hell on the ol' bum way back when I had my daughter in the early 90's. Never had a problem with them until 10 YEARS LATER!!!!!! What a pain that is! I finally had to have them rubber banded this past year and what a lovely week that was!!!

    IF they get that bad again, ask for something called Anal Phram, doesn't that sound lovely? It comes as a perscription and is not cheap, but I will pay whatever they want for that stuff! Instantly kills all the pain and burning. Might be good for you to have in the future, because those hounds will someday pop their heads back up and torture you some more!!!

    Thank you for posting this, I giggled and also cringed because I know EXACTLY how that feels!

    Thank you for sharing fellow braveheart, thank you!